The V.I.P. team recognizes that the small things in life typically bear the greatest impression. So, we want to take every opportunity, both small and large, to show you Christ’s love. Whether it’s holding an umbrella over you in the rain, or a warm smile and genuine hug to greet you at the door, we want to resound this one thing: love. If you’re interested in joining the team, you can serve in a number of different capacities. To summarize them up, our parking team helps the flow of traffic in the parking lot, our greeters welcome attenders in and give tour guides when needed, our ushers take car of the sanctuary and participate in different elements of the service, and our Risk Management team oversees the security of the church during events and services. If you feel like you’re a people person, or someone kind, outgoing, and unbiased, then we encourage you to consider joining our ranks of love. Be apart of the team that is making a big impact through the little actions.


These are the first members of the team to greet all of our guests. They assist in directing traffic flow and remain courteous even through inclement weather.
Our greeters stand by the entrances to the church and welcome all of our guests with a warm smile and a handshake or hug. We also have greeters that give a tour of the church for those attending for the first time.
Ushers serve at the doors leading into the main sanctuary. They greet graciously greet guests and hand out the weekly bulletin to each family as they enter. Ushers also help in various other capacities throughout the service, and sometimes afterwards as well.
Our RM team aims to keep everyone attending the service safe. They ensure the property is monitored as well in order to maintain peace throughout our events. Joining the risk management team is a bit tougher, as it does require a background check and some fundamental training.