What’s a Life Group?

Life Groups are one of our “Small Group” opportunities here at Encounter Church, offering a chance for more interaction with others as you grow in God’s Word.

who can Participate?

Life Groups are open to everyone, and there is a Group for every age.

Be part of a group

Facilitator: David Smith
“But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way.” (Matthew 13:25 ) Men of God, it is time to wake up! It is time to rise up and take our rightful position in this hour in which we live. All men welcome!
Facilitator: Tim Lipsey
A practical look at the principles found in the Book of Romans that will unlock the power that is already within us , whereby we can overflow with hope and live a life of joy and peace. Everyone welcome!
This Group is for the husband and wife who desire that their marriage be more than one that just survives but
becomes one that absolutely thrives! Be more than a
common husband and common wife with a common marriage. Is everything inside of you saying, “I want more”? Then join us beginning January 29 as we build healthy, thriving
Gather with others in a time of intercession for the morning service, the lost, our EC family, missions teams and
missionaries, our communities, our leaders, and other areas.
Facilitator: Wallace Gregory Topic: Dynamic Truths from Scripture
Each week a life-changing Truth from the Word of God will be shared that will inspire you to grow deeper in your
relationship with the Lord and knowledge of His Word.

Creation Place
Infants—36 Months
Celebration Station
3 year olds—K5
Facilitators: Emily Blake
Christina Crosby

Grades 1-2
Genesis Project

Facilitators: Erica Manning
Alexis McClain

Grades 3-4
Genesis Project

Facilitators: Sonia Romero
Cathy Lawrence

Grade 5
Genesis Project