What’s a Life Group?

Life Groups are one of our “Small Group” opportunities here at Encounter Church, offering a chance for more interaction with others as you grow in God’s Word.

who can Participate?

Life Groups are open to everyone, and there is a Group for every age.

Be part of a group

Facilitator: Gwen Galmon
As women we wrestle daily with the ‘Uninvited” emotions, feelings of rejection and pain inflicted on ourselves and from others. But through the Truth of God’s Word, we will learn to put up an “Eviction Notice” to the Uninvited! All ladies welcome!
Facilitators: Gary and Jennifer Rash
This Group is for couples who were part of the Thriving Marriage Class and for any and all couples who want to strengthen their marriage. Built to Last will give couples tools to build a marriage that can weather any storm
Facilitators: Aaron and Anna Bridges
This Group is for tI Corinthians contains some of the most debated scriptures in the New Testament but also some of the most essential for Christian growth and development. We will examine topics ranging from Christian etiquette to the Gifts of the Spirit, to the gender roles and differences addressed by Paul.
Facilitator: Brenda Green
Your words affect every area of your life—how you feel, think, your health, relationships with spouse and children, and every relationship you have. “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” Come learn how to control your words and change your life to one of joy and peace.
Facilitators: Wallace and Tammy Gregory
Continuing with a study of this book by Dr. Myles Munroe, you will learn that the Presence of God is the ideal atmosphere in which mankind was designed to function. Our goal is to ignite your passion for His presence!
Facilitators: Adrian and Michelle Ramirez
Am I cool? Funny? Attractive? What do people think about me? You will discover the lies you have believed about who you are, that may be robbing you from experiencing real happiness. You will also learn to overcome fear of rejection, and change the way you think.

Creation Place
Infants—36 Months
Celebration Station
3 year olds—K5
Facilitators: Emily Blake
Christina Crosby

Grades 1-2
Gospel Project

Facilitators: Brandy Wells

Grades 3-4
Genesis Project

Facilitators: Sonia Romero
Cathy Lawrence

Grade 5
Gospel Project